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  • History of Christianity web site introduction

    This site is going to be updated to be compatible with monile devices and updated with the latest content.

    This site was set up to show the side of Christianity that is not often shown. Everything is factual and actually happened. Every Christian should read this to learn the history of the religion so they can know their roots.

    Christian Atrocities above contains a timeline of the Christian actions that are the most critical. There are many more incidences that could be added but were not to keep this to the major items. If you see something that should be added please let me know. To the right of Christian Atrocities, are links to other web sites that have a lot of information. Many of these web sites are in danger of being removed from the internet, so do not wait to look at them. The Vatican is heavily sponsoring some legislation that would force Internet providers to block some web sites. This would effectively allow the Vatican to control information they do not want the world to see. Take time to look at the slide shows to the left.

    The latest additions

    12/27/2013 Added several more YouTube Videos. Evidence of Revision is about the assassination of JFK, RFK, Mlk, and even Jim Jones. Red Cry is about the genocide of the American Indian. It is very good.

    9/3/2013 Rearranged the drop down options to group items to shorten up the lists. I also added more YouTube videos. They are at the end. Of interest and importance is the series on Gray Wolf. Other new videos: Prisioner of a White God, In the Name of God, 500 Years of Resistance, Stolen Generation, and Unbearable Truth. A New addition in Links: A Silence That Screams. A new article called Vatican Ratline was added.

    I also found another link to Christian Terror in India. The one I had was taken down.

    10/14/2013 Added the Video Ceasar's Messiah to the Video list. This is a very good video on the origions of the first 4 books of the New Testament. This is something all Christians should know.

    10/25/2013 Added a link to the story of Sister Charlotte. Her experience in a convent and her eventual escape.

    11/25/2013 Added youtube link to the video White King Red Rubber Black Death

    The History of Christianity

    The history of Christianity is a very interesting and controversial subject. This is because the deeper one researches into Christianity, the more one finds that what has been taught in the church is incorrect. I have had suspicions of this since junior high, but never realized the magnitude of how far off from the original doctrines Christianity is. I heard the bible thumpers insisting that the Bible is the word of God and they adhere to the Pauline gospel. However, most Bible historians agree that it was Paul's followers that changed the book of Mark to make it more in line with their gospel. So much for the word of God. In fact, it was the Pauline followers that persecuted and even killed those that adhered to the original book of Mark. Now, how do these killings and persecutions conform to love thy neighbor as thy self. Also Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John were written after year 100 AD. Either they lived a long time, or they were written by someone else. Actually more recent discoveries have shown who is the most likely writers of them. Go to the YouTube section and look at Ceasar's Messiah.

    The holidays were another thing that seemed out of place. There were commandments given to celebrate Passover, Hanukkah, and Yom Kippur. There are no commandments forChristmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving which are presently celebrated. In fact it was known that Christmas and Easter came from very pagan background while Passover, Hanukkah, and Yom Kippur came from the Jewish background. That must mean we are closer to the Pagan religion than the Jewish religion, which was the Messiah.

    Thanksgiving typifies much of what I have found. We were taught that the pilgrims invited the Indians to a feast to give thanks for the help they had received from the AlgonkianIndians that year. The pilgrims, in fact, had observed thanksgiving feasts in November as religious obligations in England for many years before coming to the New World. The Algonkian Indians had celebrated six thanksgivings a year. When they sat down with the Pilgrims it was really the Indians fifth of the year. Only Massasoit (chief of the Wamponoags- which is part of the Algonkians) and his immediate family along with Squanto and Samoset were invited. However, the feast was really more about the Pilgrims obtaining an agreement with Massasoit to use the land that once was the Patuxet to build Plymouth. After three days of feasting an agreement was reached.

    16 years later near present day Groton, Connecticut, over 700 men, women and children of the Pequot Tribe had gathered for their annual Green Corn Festival which is our Thanksgiving celebration. In the predawn hours the sleeping Indians were surrounded by English and Dutch mercenaries who ordered them to come outside. Those who came out were shot or clubbed to death while the terrified women and children who huddled inside the longhouse were burned alive. The next day the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony declared "A Day Of Thanksgiving" because 700 unarmed men, women and children had been murdered.

    The killings became more and more frenzied, with days of thanksgiving feasts being held after each successful massacre. George Washington finally suggested that only one day of Thanksgiving per year be set aside instead of celebrating each and every massacre. During the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln decreed Thanksgiving Day to be a legal national holiday -- on the same day he ordered troops to march against the starving Sioux in Minnesota. As most will agree, the thanksgiving story we heard while growing up was not the same story stated above.