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  • The Assassination Of Pope PiusXI

    After World War I Germany, Italy and Spain became republics and had democratic governments. The Vatican has always been against democratic governments where the citizens have certain inalienable rights, such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom to choose their own government leaders. The two biggest enemies of the Catholic Church are democracy and protestantism. 1

    The Vatican was upset that Germany, Italy and Spain had become republics. So The Vatican chose men like Hitler, Mussolini and General Franco to overthrow these governments and establish totalitarian regimes in these three nations.

    In Italy Mussolini became the Prime Minister, and he asked the parliament to give him dictatorial powers so that he could stop all the violence that was being caused by his own blackshirt thugs. In order to get these dictatorial powers Mussolini needed a two thirds majority vote among the deputies in the Italian Parliament. Pope Pius XI came to Mussolini's aid and ordered the deputies in the Christian Democratic Party to vote for the dictatorial powers. When parliament voted on the dictator issue, Mussolini received the two thirds majority that he needed to give him dictatorial powers, During this vote the members of the Christian Democratic Party voted unanimously to give Mussolini dictatorial power. 2

    In Germany the Vatican saw a rising star in Adolph Hitler and put their support behind him.

    A Jesuit priest named Father Staempfle wrote the book Mein Kampf and Adolph Hitler got 3 credit for it. In January of 1933 Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany and in March of that same year Hitler asked the members of the Reichstag to give him dictatorial powers to stop the communist revolution. The Nazi's started a rumor that the communists were going to take over the country. Hitler needed a two thirds majority vote in the Reichstag to get the dictatorial power. The Vatican ordered the Catholic Center Party, which was led by Monsignor Kass to vote yes for giving Hitler the dictatorial powers. On March 26, 1933 the members of the Reichstag voted on the dictatorial issue and Hitler received his two thirds majority. During the vote members of the Catholic Center Party voted unanimously to give Hitler the dictatorial powers. Without the unanimous vote of the Catholic Center Party (zentrum) Hitler would not have been given the dictatorial powers. 4

    In Spain the Vatican wanted the Spanish Republic overthrown and replaced with a totalitarian government. The Vatican chose General Franco to lead a revolution against the Spanish Republic. In 1934 the Pact of Rome was signed between Mussolini and the leaders of Spain's reactionary parties. According to this pact the Italian Fascist Party would supply General Franco with military supplies, money, ammunition and soldiers.

    The revolution started in 1936, Italy supplied Franco with 200,000 soldiers and Germany supplied Franco with airplanes and 50,000 aviators. This was not really a civil war, it was 5 actually an invasion by Germany and Italy. General Franco received all the military supplies and soldiers that he needed, but the Spanish Republic received no help from any other nation, they had to fight all alone. All the other nations refused to help the Spanish Republic because of the powerful influence of the Vatican.

    The Vatican and the news media falsely declared that the new Spanish Republic was a communist government,which is one reason why no other nation came to their aid. England and France remained neutral during this war and Pope Pius XI sent Cardinal Pacelli to the United States to persuade President Roosevelt to put an embargo on the Spanish Republic. In 1936 Cardinal Pacelli and Cardinal Spellman told President Roosevelt he would lose the Catholic vote unless he joined the British Neutrality Pact and put an embargo on all arms and military supplies going to the Spanish Republic. 6

    President Roosevelt and the United States news media listened to the lies of the Vatican and the Catholic hiearchy and the United States put an arms embargo on the Spanish Republic. So the Spanish Republic had to fight against the Franco, German and Italian alliance without proper military supplies and they were defeated. The war began in 1936 and lasted until 1939 and the Vatican recognized the Franco government as the official Spanish government, two years before the war ended.

    When the war ended in 1939, Franco and his allies were victorious, and Franco executed 100,000 prisoners of war. Franco executed every loyalist republican prisoner of war, but that information was suppressed in the United States. Franco set up a totalitarian government and made the Catholic Church to be the official church in Spain. So now there were right wing totalitarian governments in Germany, Italy and Spain to stop the threat of communism and socialism. 7

    However by 1938 Pope Pius XI was beginning to have second thoughts about Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini, he finally realized that he had created a monster when he learned about the war plans that they had prepared. The prospect of another world war which now appeared imminent, finally spurred a repentent Pope into action. In January of 1939 he made a dramatic decision. He was going to admit his error, openly to the entire world. He did not forsee the fateful events that would deny him this final noble performance.

    As Nazi Germany was moving closer to war, Pope Pius XI prepared to issue a public statement officially condemning Nazi and Fascist aggression. The statement would have had a tremendous political impact, since millions of Catholics supported Mussolini and Hitler, because their church leaders approved of them. However, if the Pope denounced them, they would probably lose the support of millions of Catholics, In January 1939 Pope Pius XI prepared a special document or testament in which he denounced both Hitler and Mussolini and their preparations for war, Having done that, he convoked all the bishops of Italy to come to Rome for a special council on the 12th of February 1939. 8

    Mussolini and Hitler who had both heard of it, waited with mounting apprehension. What would the millions of Catholics throughout Europe and America think when they heard the Pope's testament? On the eve of the Second World War, this was very important. Its out come would determine whether or not Hitler could, or should begin hostilities.
    However, Pope Pius XI became very ill and just forty-eight hours before he was scheduled to make his announcement, he was on the brink of death. He begged his doctors to do all in their power to keep him alive until the 12th of February. "I want to warn Catholics everywhere not to support Hitler and Mussolini," he kept repeating. "It might help to stop the outbreak of war, let me live another forty-eight hours. "The doctors did their best to save the Pope but they were unsuccessful, and Pope Pius XI died just two days before he could deliver his anti-Nazi and anti-Fascist message to the world. Obviously, the Pope was murdered. 9

    Once Pope Pius XI realized that he was going to die, he begged Cardinal Pacelli, the Cardinal Secretary of State to have his last will and testament published, even after his death. Before his death, Pope Pius XI had his will and testament printed on the Vatican's printing press, in secret. The purpose for the secret printing, was to have the document ready, before anyone who was hostile to its contents could prevent it from becoming known. 10

    The Pope's concern about the testament at that time was fully justified. A solemn declaration from the Vatican against the unrestrained belligerence of Hitler would have an incalculable effect on the political balance of power in Europe at that time. Again, it must be realized that if Pope Pius XI had denounced the military plans of Hitler and Mussolini, he could have upset the political support of almost one third of the Germans who were devout Catholics, to say nothing of the millions of Italians and others in Europe and the Americas.

    Hitler and Mussolini were well aware of the political influence the Vatican could exert in world affairs. After all, both had been helped to power by the Vatican. If the Vatican could help their accession to power, it could also contribute to their downfall. If Pope Pius XI's anti-Nazi and anti-Fascist testament had been made public it would have been very difficult for Hitler to begin World War II.

    However, it is a fact that Pope Pius XI died an untimely death, it was not just a coincidence that he died two days before he was to release the most important document of the 20th century. Also, the very few people near him who knew about the testament, kept silent. What compelled them to remain silent? The answer is simple, they were ordered not to talk about it. At the same time, all the printed copies of the Pope's anti-Nazi testament disappeared from the Vatican printing press, minutes before Pope Pius XI died. Also, the original manuscript of the testament, written in the Pope's own hand, mysteriously disappeared from the papal desk. This mystery was never clarified by an investigation, but certain conclusions can be ascertained. 11

    One of the people who had access to the papal study was the Pope's Secretary of State, Cardinal Pacelli. He was the same man who had steered the German Catholic Party to make an entente with the Nazi Party, and therefor he helped Hitler gain power. Then only three months after Hitler had become Chancellor, he gave orders for the Catholic Party to dissolve itself, to make it easier for Hitler to gain political absolutism. 12

    During the interim at the Vatican, before the election of the next Pope, the secret of the missing will and testament of Pope Pius XI remained silent while Hitler led Germany closer to war. However, there were three men who never forgot the dead Pope's fateful will. These three men were: Count dalla Torre; a young Vatican prelate, Monsignor Montini (later Pope Paul VI); and Dom Luigi Sturzo a devout Catholic priest and a friend Of Avro Manhattan, the author of, "The Vatican Moscow Washington Alliance." Dom Sturzo Knew Pope Pius XI very well, they were good friends. Dom Sturzo was the leader of the Catholic Party in Italy, which had been created with the help of Pope Pius XI. 13

    When Pope Pius XI finally turned against Hitler and Mussolini, he told his friend Dom Sturzo about his change of attitude and the meeting he was going to have with all the Italian bishops in Rome on February 12, 1939. These facts were revealed to Avro Manhattan by Dom Sturzo on two occasions. With the exception of a few people in Rome, no one else knew about this anti-Nazi and anti-Fascist testament of Pope Pius XI.

    How was it kept a secret? A month later, on March 2, 1939, the dead Pope's Secretary of State, Cardinal Pacelli was elected Pope. He became Pope Pius XII, and his first order after becoming Pope was: that the anti-Nazi and anti-Fascist document written by Pope Pius XI must be totally and permanently forgotten. And that is what happened. 14


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