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  • Christian History 1900 to 1999


    April 24 - 25, (Easter) BIALYSTOK AND ZHITOMIR (Russia) - Were attacked by the Black Hundreds (League of the Russian People), an unofficial pro-Czarist terrorist force. This time the Jews tried to defend themselves. In Zhitomir, police prevented Jewish self-defense organizations from protecting their property. After two days, 15 Jews and one non-Jewish student who had volunteered to defend the Jews, were killed. The Governor did nothing to stop the mobs until a number of Jews broke into his office and threatened him. The hostilities ceased almost immediately. [107] (98)

    October 18 - 25, BLACKEST WEEK IN RUSSIAN JEWISH HISTORY - The Black Hundreds and other bands alleged that the Jews were responsible for their defeats in the Russian Japanese war and other Russian ills. In Odessa, the commander of the cadet school General Deryugin told his soldiers "Your on your way to massacre the Jews, You have my blessing for your work." In spite of many attempts at self defense, hundreds were killed, and thousands were wounded in more then fifty areas throughout Russia. In over 50 major pogroms over 40,000 homes and shops were destroyed, giving new impetus to immigration to both the West and Eretz Israel, with over 200,000 Jews leaving in one year. [107] (98)

    Over one hundred Indian boarding schools are in operation across Canada, two thirds of them run by the Roman Catholic church. Massive European immigration and germ warfare have reduced the indigenous populations in the west to less than five percent of their original number.(115)


    Dr. Peter Bryce, Chief Medical Officer for the federal government's Department of Indian Affairs (DIA), conducts a national tour of Indian boarding schools to study health conditions. Bryce's subsequent report to DIA Assistant Superintendent Duncan Campbell Scott documents that over one-half of all the children in these schools are dying because of tuberculosis being deliberately introduced among them by staff. Bryce also claims that the churches running the schools are deliberately suppressing evidence and statistics of these murderous practices.(115)

    1914 to 1944

    November 20, HAVIVA REIK (Slovakia-Eretz Israel) - One of the four volunteers who parachuted into Slovakia to help the uprising against the Nazis. Reik was born in a Slovakia and made aliyah in 1939 where she joing kibbutz Ma'anit. She volunteered for the Palmach and when it was formed the parachutist unit. Despite British refusal to send her on the mission she succeeded in reaching Banska Bystresis in September 1944 where she helped Jewish refugees. When it fell, they moved into the mountains with other Jewish partisans. She was captured and later executed by the Nazis on November 20, 1944. Kibbutz Lahavot Haviva and the Givat Haviva venter are dedicated to her memory. [108] (99)


    March, GRAND DUKE SERGEI (Russia) - The Russian Commander-in-Chief began to expel all the Jews in the Pale on the pretext that they could not be trusted with the advancing Germans. Kovna, Lithuania, and Kurland were most affected. Over 500,000 Jews were forcibly evacuated, sometimes on forced marches. Until the arrival of the Germans, who prevented any more expulsions, over 100,000 died of starvation, disease and exposure. [108] (99)

    August 17, LEO FRANK (USA) - A southern Jew falsely accused of murdering 14-year-old Mary Phagen was taken out of prison and hung by a lynch mob. A few months earlier, his death sentence had been commuted to life in prison by Governor John Slaton, who believed that Frank had not had a fair trial. In 1925, Jim Conlay, a negro who had been his accuser in court, was found guilty of her murder and of perjury.(see 1913) [108] (99)