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  • Christian History 1400 to 1499


    By the 15th century, thousands were already recorded slain and thousands more unrecorded. In Poland, 1019 churches and 17,987 villages were plundered by Knights of the Orders. The number of victims was never accounted.


    October 26, CRACOW ACCUSATIONS (Poland) - One of the first blood libels in Poland. The Jews tried to defend themselves and were forced to take refuge in the Church of St. Anne, which was surrounded and then set afire. Any children left alive were forcibly baptized. [67] (33)


    MEIR ALGUADES (Spain) - The chief rabbi and former physician to King Henry III (Castile) was accused by Paul de Santa Maria of desecrating the host. He was tortured until he "confessed". Then he was killed and the synagogue was converted into a church. [68] (34)


    A critic of papal infallibility and indulgences, John Huss, was burned at the stake.


    March 12, WIENER GEZARAH (Vienna, Austria) - A combination of murder, libel and host desecration charges brought about the destruction of the entire Jewish community. This was done under the auspices of Archduke Albert of Austria and was partly due to the revival of the crusader spirit of the Hussite Wars. Many Jews were forcibly baptized - others took their own lives. Some converted and the rest were forced to leave. [69] (36)


    January 27, TOLEDO ANTI-CONVERSO RIOTS (Spain) - New Christians (Conversos) were attacked during a revolt against taxation. Three hundred of them decided to band together and defend themselves. During the attack one Christian was killed. In response, 22 Marranos were murdered and numerous houses burned. [70] (37)


    June 2, BRESLAU (Germany) - John of Capistrano led a mock trial of alleged desecrations of the host. The Rabbi hung himself and urged other Jews to commit suicide. Forty-one Jews were burned, their property confiscated, and all children under seven were forcibly baptized. [71] (38)


    (18 Tamuz 5214) CRETE - After a trial that lasted for two years, the nine leading members of the Jewish community who were accused of host desecration were acquitted by a Venetian court. Although further charges were brought claiming that the Jews had bribed the judges, this view was not accepted and the day was celebrated as a semi-holiday for many years by the Jewish community in Crete. [71] (38)


    A massacre ensued to due to anti-Jewish agitation and the refusal of authorities to offer protection in Krakow, Poland.


    Battle of Belgrad - 80,000 Turks slaughtered. [DO235] (6 p. 235) *15th century Poland 1019 churches and 17987 villages plundered by Knights of the Order. Victims unknown. [DO30] (6 p. 30)


    On the 12th of April in Krakow, Poland, John of Capistrano called for a crusade against the Turks prior to his death. This crusade first erupted in Krakow but never left the city where over thirty Jews were killed and homes plundered. The crusade later expanded to include Posen and the surrounding area. Depsite his previous repeal of Jewish privileges, King Casimir IV fined the city council for allowing the pogrom to take place.